Tuesday, January 17, 2017

15 Things To Do When Bored

1. Build a fort
2. Write letters 
3. Read a Book
4. Write a Bucket List
5. Write in your journal
6. Paint your nails
7. Color 
8. Draw your favorite Disney Characters
9. Listen to your favorite songs
10.Cook something
11.Photograph something
12.Watch your favorite TV show(When Calls The Heart!)
13.Go running
14.Decorate your room
15.Wash your Makeup Brushes 

Hey guys hope you are having a wonderful week!! This is a list of all of the things I do when I am bored. Yes my favorite TV show is When Calls The Heart( if you have not seen it you need to watch it!)I don't know if that will stay my favorite TV show because Series of Unfortunate Events just came out on Netflix!! SO excited they are like my favorite books! Comment below what your favorite TV show and books are.😃

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